Cambridge City Council

Public Register Of Licences And Registrations

This page can be used to find out whether:
  • a premises or person has a current licence or registration.
  • an application is in progress and open to public representation for objections or support.
If the application is in progress, you can have your say. To do this, use the search boxes
below to find the application you are interested in and select the 'Representation' option.

Search the Register

To search the register, select any one of the options below and press the Search button.

Tip 1: When using the 'Search Name' it is best to start your search with a wildcard (*) to ensure
all relevent licenses are found. For example, type *perse to find all references to The Perse School.

Tip 2: When selecting via 'Street Details' you can type the first character of the street name to jump
to that letter. For example, type B to jump to Babraham Road.